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Established in Bonn Germany in 2002 GOVI GmbH started manufacturing and producing innovative products for the trailer refrigeration market. GOVI executives contribute with their combined set of expertise and knowledge in transport temperature control systems for mobile applications to continuously advancing German engineering masterpieces for trailers.
GOVI strives to deliver excellent quality and provide high-class customer service to foster sustainability for every product produced. GOVI’s unwavering commitment has resulted in gaining market lead for trailer refrigeration solutions throughout Europe.

Since fall 2011 we are supplying the American market from our offices in Miami, Florida. We maintain inventory of the ARKTIK 2000U product and spare parts, ready to serve customers throughout the United States, Latin America and the Caribbean.

Sensing a tremendous need and opportunity to cater the American market with a high-class German manufactured trailer refrigeration unit, GOVI engineers developed the ARKTIK 2000U. With the ARKTIK 2000U we designed a product, which is tailored according to the demands of the American market, retaining existing industry standard voltage of 110V / 60Hz and only a 15 amp draw. The ARKTIK 2000U offers a broad range of application areas for cooling capacities of 10°F to 50° F [-12°C to +10°C] while demanding only 15 amps. Our ARKTIK 2000U unites sophisticated design, high-class German technology and sustainability, catering the needs for refrigerated trailer makers, end-customers and users with an economical and eco-friendly product. We steadily strive to make our current products even better.

Introducing our new product the ARKTIK 2000US in July 2014 as the result of our faithful commitment to our customers and suppliers to continuously improve our devices providing best performance and sustainability, GOVI engineers have worked on improving our old model of the ARKTIK 2000U to meet the specific needs of refrigerated trailer builders on the American market. The factory-built ARKTIK 2000US has been entirely modernized in cooperation with customers and suppliers with sophisticated technology and best quality material at high standards of GOVI manufacturing to meet the demands our American customers. Besides upgrades of key components main improvements are the small flush-fit evaporator and the one-piece construction, to guarantee durability and increase efficiency to ensure plug-and-play installation and improve usability. The light new cover grants the ARKTIK 2000US a new look and increases the performance. We steadily strive to make our current products even better.
GOVI continuously pursues to understand and serve the customer better than anyone else.
We are following a remarkably simple, clear and purposeful vision for the past decade. Be a part of our success and contact us!

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