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Trailer Refrigeration Unit (USA)

a r k t i k 2000US

Refrigeration 10°F to 50°F [-12°C to +10°]
Refrigerant R404A; Clorine: zero - non ozone depleting
Trailer enclosure Size 335 Cubic Interior Feet (10 m3) to 671 Cubic Interior Feet (19 m3)
Trailer Sizes from 8 to 16 feet

Major improvements:

New larger condenser increases performance by 30%
New pressure control technology provides dynamic condenser fan (reducing noise and increasing efficiency)
New reinforced compressor bracket design support the unit frame for heavy-duty applications.
New internal component layout provides easier access for maintenance and service.
Updated product documentation including installation and operation manual with spare part list for better support

Type Room temperature Room volume* Cooling capacity* Voltage Power consumption
arktik 2000US 10°F to 50°F 353 ft³ / 671 ft³ 6845 BTU/h 115 V / 60 Hz 1,2 kW
  [-12°C to +10°C] [10 m³ / 19 m³] [2000 Watt]    

*Ambient temperature 86°F [30°C]
*Trailer internal temperature 35,6°F [2°C]

Included in trailer refrigeration unit arktik 2000US:
Automatic hot gas defrosting
Doublesolenoid valve for defrosting
Pressure -controlled condenser fan regulation
Suction line cooled compressor
Pre-wired cabling to connect a lamp
"Camping socket" with coupling
Thermometer to read the inside temperature
State of the art electronics
Lockable control panel

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